Friday, February 10, 2012

I wish I'd been there to see this exchange...

So tonight I was told a hilarious story by our unit's Day Shift unit assistant.

I'd been taking care of a first-time-mom with twins for the last 3 nights, so I guess we'd built a bit of a rapport. I did a lot of teaching, especially breastfeeding and time-management. I shared some of the insight I'd gathered having been a nanny for boy-girl twins during nursing school. So apparently, a short while after I'd gone off shift, the mom came out of the room and went to the nursing station looking for me. Our UA told her I'd gone home, and the mom looked confused or something. (I'd even said "bye" during shift-change so I don't know why she'd thought I'd still be there.) Our UA asked if they needed help with something, or needed their nurse to come to the room. The mom said "No, I need PurpleRN! Can you call her and have her come back?" The UA replied, "Um, she's gone home for the day, and I don't have her number. Is there something urgent?" "She's going to be our nanny!! We need her number!" Understandably, our UA was simultaneously amused and confused. She tried to explain that I *had* a full-time (night shift!!) job already, but this lady desperately wanted my number. So the UA gave her the main number for the unit, and warned me that she may try to contact me some night.

I have *no* idea where she got the idea I would be her nanny. I've had people *ask* if I wanted to do some nannying on the side, but none so certain without first discussing it with me.

I hope she finds a good nanny. If her relationship to reality is *that* tenuous, she'll probably need one....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

C-Section Rates at my hospital

It's been something I've been thinking about for awhile. What exactly *is* our C/S rate, and why are they being done? So I started writing down the stats this week on the nights I work. I'll update it every so often, till I get maybe a month's worth of data. We'll see.

C/S: Primary - 1 (Fetal Intolerance to Labor)
Repeat - 1

Vag: Spontaneous - 4
Assisted - 0

C/S: Primary - 2 (Failure to Progress. Twins)
Repeat - 0

Vag: Spontaneous - 3
Assisted - 1 (Vacuum)

C/S: Primary - 3 (Non-Reassuring Fetal Heart Tones/Code C. Breech. Fibroids)
Repeat - 1

Vag: Spontanous - 6 (one VBAC)
Assisted - 0

C/S: Primary - 6 (FTP/Failed elective induction. Decels/Failed Vacuum. FITL/IUGR. Breech. AOD/Failed elective induction. NRFHT/Post-dates.
Repeat - 2

Vag: Spontaneous - 7
Assisted - 1 (Vacuum)

So far we're at 42%. Granted, we are a hospital that specializes in high-risk pregnancies, but that still seems a little high....