Thursday, March 4, 2010

A quick laugh

Everyone gets a kick out of less-than-savory medical abbreviations (like GOMER: get outta my ER) but somehow I'd never heard this one.

WNL = We Never Looked

Short, sweet, and totally true half the time lol

PS: here are a couple more lists of funny abbreviations. I am particularly a fan of CTD (Circling The Drain), LOL (Little Old Lady), and TTJ (Transfer To Jesus - which I wish more of my patients would do).


  1. how do you differentiate between that and WNL=wihtin normal limits? A general sense of chagrin? :)

  2. I think what this really implies that,

    Within normal limit usually means we never looked. (sadly)

    this is the funniest one I have ever heard!!! haha you totally made my day purple.