Monday, June 14, 2010

A short funny....

I was checking in on a patient. Early 80s, emergency BKA but in remarkably good spirits, cracking lots of jokes. Her grandson (mid-late 30s?) was visiting her and we got to chatting a little bit. Got to hear a story about how the grandson once tore his bicep while moving a bookcase. "It didn't hurt that much... what really bothered me was the wet, ripping sound."

Anyway, I was standing by the door and asked, "So is there anything else you need or anything I can do for you?"

She paused and looked thoughtful for a moment before grinning and saying, "You got any porno flicks?"

Her grandson and I looked at each other and he turned beet red and we both started laughing so hard that people walking down the hall turned to look and see if we were okay.

Even fifteen seconds later you could still hear him laughing halfway across the unit.

I love little old ladies!

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