Monday, April 11, 2011

An overheard conversation....

As a fix for our staffing problems, the management has decided to cross-train L&D nurses to float to Mom/Baby if we are short. One of those L&D RNs was having her first orientation day on the unit. Our scene finds us sitting at the station; they are discussing the pertinent info for shift report, and I am charting about 10 feet away.

[a muffled scream filters down the hallway]

L&D RN: Um, what was that?
MB RN: Sounds like a natural childbirth to me. *grins*
L&D: You guys can hear that all the way down here....?
MB: Yep. Especially if it's one of the rooms at the end of our hallway here.
L&D: [looks concerned] We had no idea you guys could hear things over here. I'll make sure to close the doors next time I have a mom without an epidural.

I dunno why but this brief exchange made me giggle like crazy.

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