Friday, June 17, 2011

Gah. Circumcision rant again.

So I had this unfortunate baby yesterday that was born by vacuum-assisted C-section after a failed vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery. Apparently he got good and stuck.

After a vacuum delivery, it's pretty common for the baby to have a good-sized circle of bruise on the head (like a giant hickey) where the suction cup was placed.

This poor kid had actual scabbing and exudate (ie, "goo) on his head around the edges of the bruise. I'm guessing they tried too hard with the vacuum and broke the skin.

So naturally, the kid is kinda grumpy and fussy. His head hurts.

Then the parents decide to get him circ'd. This poor baby was inconsolable. I would be two if I was hurting from both ends. I wish someone would've tried to convince them to at least wait until his head was healed up a bit.

I ended up calling the NICU on-call doc to beg for a tylenol order for the kid. He was finally able to sleep for a whole hour and a half at least. That's all the sleep he got during my 8 hour shift. And they only gave a one-time order :(

Then I had some parents last night who asked about getting their son snipped and when they should do it. My brain immediately went "Never!" but I told them that if they can wait 24 hours until he has a chance to improve breastfeeding, it'd go better for them. Mom's a c-section, she'll be here a couple days. No skin off their back.

And then I go to change the kid's diaper. Poor thing has a mostly-buried penis. I think if they get him snipped, there won't be much of anything left! We'll see how things are when I go back tonight, if they've done it or not yet.... Mom seemed a little on the fence about it. Fingers crossed for them.

According to the latest data, only ~35% of West Coast babies are circ'd now ( ). It'd be nice if we could get it a little lower...

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you...I am an avid "NO CIRC" RN...!

    It's absolutely cruel to do it....and no reason to do why???

    If parents are on the fence about it...I just ask the reason...and then give another if they say it's because baby daddy is like that, I tell them more than likely it will be their peers that they will be compared to, not babydaddy. If they say its for easy cleaning - I ask "would you take his ears off also for the same reason?" and so on.

    I just think a lot of parents aren't getting enough info on it or are being counselled by someone who is PRO CIRC.

    Of course I always end it with: Its your choice, but you can always let your son choose.....since it's his penis.