Friday, July 22, 2011

A short illustration of the difference between Mom/Baby and Telemetry.

While assessing a new admission, you notice a set of shallow, scabbed-over scratches on your patient's calf. You ask the patient the story behind them, and you are informed that the patient's cat was bad about retracting its claws when it wanted to climb up her leg to sit on her lap.

On Telemetry, this short exchange is immediately followed by you writing a nursing note mentioning the scratches, as well as charting it in the flowsheet. You get the camera out to document that the patient arrived with said scratches, and so you can have a basis for comparison should they change. You upload the pictures to the system in case someone needs wound care to see them. You also write an incident report, to CYA in case someone tries to say that they were incurred on the unit. You waste a fair amount of your shift.

On Mom/Baby, this short exchange is immediately followed by you extending your sympathies and sharing your own cat-related-injury stories. You and your patient share a laugh. You move on with your day.

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