Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A compliment last night

I had a pretty easy load after one of my patients was DC'd @ 1600, leaving me with only three. So when one of my pts complained about her gown being wet (not sure if it was incontinence, a spill, or her gown got dunked in the bedside commode) I figured I should take care of it. Nothing better to do, so why bother a CNA?

I got her gown changed, and decided she should go for a walk. So we took a slow 1/4 lap around the unit. When we got back, I noticed her bed was also a little wet, so I set her up in a chair and got fresh linens.

A little after my return, one of the CNAs (a tiny little lady who used to be a schoolteacher) was in the room doing her 2000 vitals. I start remaking the bed and she remarks, "You're doing *my* job"

I reply, "Well, *you're* also doing your job right now. It needs to get done so I'm doing it."

"You sure you don't want any help? I can take care of it when I'm done with vitals."

"No, I got it. Don't worry"

She looked a little shocked.

Then she pushed the vitals machine to the side, smiled, and stood on tiptoe and stretched her arms up to give me a hug.

"You're a good nurse. Thank you."



  1. thanx for the blog comment. good for you for doing that. it's not a union job and everybody can pitch in. you'll get a good rep and when things are crazy, they'll bust ther butts for you.

  2. Exactly the way I deal with CNAs. If ot needs doing and I have time, I do it. I also always smile and thank housekeeping.

    It's a TEAM effort. :)