Monday, October 19, 2009

Attention! Just a helpful PSA for all those involved in patient care:

We use "emesis" basins as a spittoon for people brushing their teeth in bed. They make great trash receptacles for used tissue. If new and clean, they are useful for containing snackyfoods on the bedside table.

But when a patient turns into a vomit-breathing dragon s/he is *not* going to be able to aim for that little thing.

We try to make sure everyone has a big basin upon admission, but it seems there is never one in the room when the patient needs it OMGNOW!!!!! If you throw a basin away, pleeeease bring in a replacement one.

And that's it for my barf-related rant. :)

Thanks very much to NursingBirth for letting me use the image. Funniest thing I've seen online today. Guess that says a lot for my sense of humour lol.

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