Monday, November 30, 2009

I love that old people seem to lose their filters...

89 year old female, here for GI bleed. Tarry stools. Lots of fun. Anyway, the CNA and I were doing some cleanup.

The CNA had soaked a bunch of washcloths in rather warm water, and squeezed them out over her crotch to help get off some stool.

My patient says, "Oooh. That feels nice. I haven't had anything that hot down there in ages!"

It was all the CNA and I could do not to dissolve into giggles.

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  1. I hate having to do that. I work on a tele floor too and we're always having to move people to the medical floor once they've been signed off by cardiology. Usually they are going to a much smaller room and may or may not have a roommate. What do you do, if you need to have a tele bed open you have no choice. Love your blog!