Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sigh. I had hoped she would recover...

I posted about a girl with lung cancer back in June. She and her friends got me dinner from Jack in the Box when I forgot mine. Everything seemed so bright and hopeful when she was finally discharged.

Today while heading out of the break room I noticed a new magnet on the fridge.

"In Loving Memory, P*, *1981-June 14, 2009" with what appeared to be her Senior Photo in the middle.

Really bummed me out on my way home. She was such a sweetheart. And yet the 85 yr old non-compliant CHFers just keep ticking. Stupid world.


  1. oh, maaaan.....you're right, Stupid World. My sister has breast cancer, she looks really good right now, but, no one knows how much longer she has.


  2. Sad, I hate that. I had a man die in the ER who was waiting for a heart transplant in one roon and a deliberate but unsuccessful carbon monozide poisoining in the next room. Decided early on in my nursing career that life is far from fair.