Monday, September 27, 2010


So last night when I was bored around 0400, I discovered that blogger has a "stats" section for your blog, which includes information on how people discover your page.

There's a section that says what website (mostly google) sent people here, but there's also a part that has what people searched for to find you.

Some of the things make sense:

"does full code mean you don't have an advance directive?"
"food in the lungs"
"can nurses wear converse"

Some of them are cute:

"never send a doctor to do a nurse's job"

But this one just plain baffles me:

"anaisthisia doctor porno"

.....bwah? I would really like to know what person googled that term and found me. I mean, I understand Rule 34 and all that, but who would look that up? Really?

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on my stats from now on... looking forward to future hilarity :)


  1. no idea i have had some weird ones

    bartholean cyst- huh?

    do nurses wipe ass all

  2. Haha those are some good search terms.

    Some of my top ones this month are yiffy, dogapus, and "vegeta dress up" hahaha.