Saturday, September 11, 2010

Movin' out....

I guess I should start from the beginning.

Once upon a time, Big Shiny Hospital decided that there were some problems with RN staffing, and having enough people at the right times of day. For example, our unit was mixed, having 8 hour and 12 hour nurses. That meant there were shift changes at 0700, 1500, 1900, and 2300. There were times of day where we were understaffed, and people were called in early, and other times where we were overstaffed and people were offered the chance to go home early (which I'd *always* accept lol).

This setup makes for confusion, and poor distribution of nursing resources. So they thought "Why not make everyone 12 hours?" The problem with this idea is that you don't need as many nurses when they work 12 hrs instead of 8, so jobs would be lost. Having the kick-ass Union we do, that was *not* going to happen. So they decided to turn all the units to 8 hrs only, with a couple exceptions like ICU.

Because of the 12 hr jobs going away, positions were being created all over the place. This was an opportunity for my escape.

There are three telemetry units in the hospital, and they decided that two of them would go to 8hrs and one (ours) would go to 12s only. As you are all aware, I wasn't thrilled about working that unit 8 hours, let alone going up to 12.

So I looked into my options. Couldn't go to L&D, because their training program is too long to qualify for a realignment transfer. But lo and behold, Mom/Baby had openings!

Happy people with babies? I'll take it!

They only had night shift (2300-0730) available, but really, I'd do anything to get out. So I put my name down on the list to bid for the job, positions being given by seniority. No one else wanted it, so....

The realignment was supposed to take effect mid-July, with people moving to their new positions then. Mama decided she didn't want to let me go, and got permission from the M/B manager to keep me around a little longer... Well, a lot longer.

Tonight was my last night on Telemetry. It was a pretty standard shift. Nothing notable. People told me they'd miss me, but the unit hadn't been the same since so many other people had already left for greener pastures. I'll miss everyone there, since most of the people were pretty darn cool. But ya gotta take an opportunity when it presents itself.

So here goes. New unit, new shift, new coworkers.... I imagine there will be many adventures to share with you.

I'll keep you all posted :)


  1. i hope you love your new job. keep us posted

  2. I am so jealous! I would love to be doing anything mother/baby/L&D related.