Monday, April 13, 2009

I had a good day today.

Report was thorough yet concise. I didn't have any immediate pressing need-to-do's at the beginning of shift. I actually got a chance to make my to-do lists and properly assess my patients and even do my PCHs (Patient Care Hours, which are used to determine staffing for next shift).

My patients were all A&Ox4, ambulatory (though some with assist) and none of them needed 2-hour turning. They all smiled, even though one was pretty bummed about being in the hospital, and everyone said thank you. A lot.

And every time I asked the pt in room 60 if there was anything I could do for him he'd say "Just keep smiling, hon. Smiles are free." He was a good guy.

I had such a good day that I didn't mind that it took a little extra time to get the pt in 62 tucked into bed properly. She was so sweet and cute about getting the little adjustments made so it was *just right*.

The biggest problem I encountered during shift was a BP of 77/43 on pt60, and all we did was turn off his Lasix drip for an hour and keep an eye on him, because he was asymptomatic. The doctor I called about it was clear and understandable; even spelled his name out without me asking him to.

I didn't have time to pack myself a dinner for tonight, but one of the girls brought in cupcakes for easter. Dinner of champions. Someone else had brought doughnuts, so I feasted on sugar. It was glorious.

I listened to old 80s/90s music online all shift, and no one even looked at me funny when I was singing along.

And I got out early. All my everythings done on time, and report was quick. Out of there by 2318. I decided to just clock out because I'd rather have 12 minutes of freedom than 12 minutes of pay.

Here's hoping for a lot more of these to come.

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