Friday, June 5, 2009

From June 2, 2009: I had a surprisingly good day.

It was one of those days where you amazingly get the same patient set twice in a row. And that particular patient set isn't terrible. Nothing short of a miracle.

I did all my pre-assessment setup (going through meds, printing telemetry strips, doing my PCHs) without any interruptions from patients needing a pitcher of water.

I managed to do my assessment and my charting by 1645. This is practically unheard of.

I actually got to take my first 15 minute break, and all my fingersticks were done when I got back. One of my patients was turned for me.

When I went off to dinner, labs were sent off, including a swab-up-the-nose I really didn't feel like subjecting the poor little old lady to.

When I got to take my *second* 15 minute break I thought I was dead and in heaven. It's rare to get one of my 15s, let alone 2.

Nothing exploded, there were no frantic calls to the doc for a medication that shows up from the pharmacy 4 hours later, and, this is the kicker:

I finished giving report 10 min before 2330.

That's right. I clocked out early.

It's days like this that I start feeling comfortable and happy with what I'm doing. I'm getting better at it. Just keep swimming.

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