Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I got complimented by a doctor!

Also, had another really good day :) I like that they're getting more frequent.

So it's the very beginning of shift. I had just finished report (which was thorough yet concise and only took 15 mins instead of 30. yay!) and was sitting down to get my ducks in a row for the shift.

The Dr came over to my "office" and asked about a pt's diabetes teaching. Apparently he'd been refusing insulin teaching, or people said it'd been done when it hadn't. Regardless, he needed to learn the difference between Regular and NPH insulin, and how to draw it up, and how to inject. His wife was learning as well.

The Dr was telling me about this and what things needed to be done for the pt to go home tomorrow, and then said:

"I'm really glad you are his nurse. You always get things done."

YAAAAAAY! Someone notices and appreciates the things I do! Happy Dance!

So I got cracking on the teaching, spent at least a half hour in the room making the pt and his wife both practice drawing up and injecting insulin. I have some worries, but I think they'll do okay.

Beyond that, I only had 3 patients until 1900. Diabetic guy, girl my age who is steadily falling apart worse than my sister, and quiet old guy with urosepsis.

No one had any emergencies. There were no missing medications. No accidents to clean up. Beautiful.

And then at 1900 I picked up one of the 12hr nurses' patients, a younger (for our unit) guy with cancer. All he wanted was some quiet and sleep. I'm *always* happy to provide that.

I finished all my med passes early, did all my charting early, and even got to take all my breaks.

I love the days where it finally feels like I'm getting the hang of being a nurse.

Here's hoping tomorrow is just as smooth.

[knocks wood]


  1. YAY~~~!!! Way to go Purple! =-D


  2. I think the nursing gods give us these rare self-esteem raising days once in awhile so we don't quit nursing right away......

    I mean, you're awesome and it is a great feeling to get complimented my a doctor! I got a high five from one last week.