Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun with the Scale

While walking down the hall at work today, I decided to pop on the unit's scale, just for a kick.

I weigh a good 5-6lbs more at work than I do at home.

Why is this?

Pocket-stuff, my friends.

In my everyday life, I carry many things in my pockets. The front left pocket gets my wallet and a pen. The front right pocket gets my chapstick, pocketknife, and cell phone. The right belt loop gets my keys.

At work, I have much more required stuff, and so many pockets to put it in! I continue to carry the standard stuff, sans keys.

The front left scrub-top pocket gets a sharpie, a highlighter, a dry erase marker, 2x2s (gauze), and adhesive-removing wipes (best thing ever invented for removing tape from hairy people).

The front right scrub-top pocket gets my work phone (which I have the habit of occasionally taking home with me), my alcohol wipes, and my brain. Also, near the end of shift, my flushes for IVs.

The back left pants pocket gets my "Non Interruption Wear" sash, which is "road-crew reflective" yellow, and rarely gets worn because I am so busy I forget to take it out of the pocket. I also find that it does not work. Nurses/Doctors are so focused on whatever question they have to ask you that they don't notice what you're wearing, and patients/family members stop to ask "What's that about?".

The right knee pants pocket gets my stethoscope and my scissors (it even has a scissors-shaped mini pocket!).

Yup. That seems like about 5lbs of stuff to me. No wonder my knees are starting to give out already.

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  1. Had to laugh. My scrubs have 2 deep side pockets in the pants and 4 pockets in the tunic and I could always use more pockets. It's nursing school wear but I do love my pockets!!