Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And sometimes it ends up okay...

At 1900 they switched me to committee, where I had time to write that last entry. I also ate dinner, helped reposition a patient, delivered some lab labels to a new admit, helped reinsert the NG tube, called pharmacy about a missing medication, did a fingerstick, started an IV (one shot! gorgeous forearm vein. probably coulda gotten a 16 in it), and showed some people how to find a certain report on the computer system.

Felt way more useful than when I had patients.

And then, afterward, I went to Denny's with four of the best friends a person could hope to work with. Nothing soothes frazzled nerves like a strawberry milkshake and some bad-for-you food, mixed with an enthusiastic gripe-fest.

Thank god for my coworkers. Sometimes they're the only thing separating me from a 5150 hold :)

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