Friday, July 24, 2009

Weird ass dream about a patient....

There was a patient on our floor recently for a GI bleed. The docs were giving him Colyte to clear him out for colonoscopy, and every time he had a BM it looked like a murder scene. Soaked through the bedding, dripped on the floor. Really bad.

Yesterday someone finally said "You can give him all the Colyte in the world, it's an active bleed and he's not getting any better" and he was moved to a higher level of care unit.

Because the guy is in his late 80s, the docs are very wary of doing surgery. And this is where my dream begins...

I'm talking with another nurse about the crappy situation this guy is in. "Either they do surgery and he likely dies from anaesthesia, or has to have an ostomy for the rest of his life, or something like that. Or, they do nothing and he bleeds to death. Every bag of blood we put in comes right back out"

I start asking around if anyone knows what eventually happened to this guy, and came across a whiteboard with patient names on it (not unlike the one in our station, but a little different). Next to this patient's name it said "Dead."

I got very freaked out. Oh man, I just took care of this guy, and he's gone already? Craziness! So I go walking around some more and come across the patient's family members.

I ask them what happened, and they start talking about how this has been a difficult time for them, but no, he's not actually dead.

What happened in reality was that after all the bleeding from between his legs, he decided he was supposed to be a woman, and that he was just on his period. And had a sex change operation. The old "him" was dead, but "she" was alive and well.

And thus ends my dream. I wish to god I knew what to make of it.....

I think there's something wrong with my brain.

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  1. I hate those freaky-work dreams...I'm always trying to stop a beeping machine (end up being my alarm clock) or make my own meds or bring someone back to life!