Friday, March 13, 2009

From March 5, 2009: The best patient ever!

Poor thing. 28 years old, youngest on our unit by at least 30 years. Started coughing up blood one day, and finds out she has lung cancer. Never smoked.

But man was she positive! Always had friends and family in the room. Her mom introduced herself as "Hi! I'm Mom!" It was always a party in the room. Food, soda, balloons. Really upbeat

This particular shift I had gotten a late start out and didn't end up packing myself a dinner. I was in the patient's room and we were talking about food cravings. I said something to her like "Man, a milkshake sounds awesome right now."

"My friend is making a Jack-in-the-Box run. What flavour do you want?"

"Oh, no. I couldn't. I only have $2 and I'd feel weird about it."

"What flavour do you want?"

"Umm... Strawberry? Lol. Dinner of champions!"

"That's not dinner!"

"Well, I didn't pack one tonight, so it is for me. And I'm good with that"

"What else do you want from Jack? Oh right, you're vegetarian huh? Not a lot you can eat at fast food places."

"Yeah. I generally end up with a salad or something" (conversationally)

"That makes sense. Ok. So what's your number? I'll call you when your milkshake is here"

[gives number]"Thanks so much. You really don't have to do this"

[time passes. i get the aforementioned call] "Your milkshake's here!!"

[goes to room] "I couldn't let you get away with just a milkshake for dinner so I had my friend pick you up a side salad too. I hope Ranch is okay?"

"Oh my god you totally didn't have to do that. Here. Take my $2"

"Put your money away. Put it away now. Back in your wallet dammit!"

"You are the best patient ever!"

So yeah. I really hope she gets better. She's way too cool to get fucked by life so badly.

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