Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brief conversation at Karaoke night...

I saw a guy grab a cute blonde's ass, right in the middle. More of a sneaky crotch grab than anything else. She jumped back and glared at him. I made eye contact, grinned, and made the universal "bitchslap upside the head" motion.

She came over to me and said "I love your hair. I've been looking at it all night. I'm a cosmetology student"

"Thanks. I got it cut at Faux, just down the street from here"

"Oh, cool"

"Yeah, it's the most interesting hair at my work. I'm a nurse"

"A what?"

"I'm a nurse"

"You're a nurse? How *boring*"


"Yeah, totally"

"Has anyone ever died at your job?"


"People die at my work all the time. When someone dies at your work, you can call mine boring"

"Um. Yeah. I've gotta go pee. See you later" (and then hugs me rather familiarly for someone I've just met)

Granted I bitch about my job a lot, but you can *not* in any honesty call it a boring career....

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