Friday, March 27, 2009

From March 22, 2009: I survived 6 months

I'm officially an RN II now. What does that mean? As far as I can tell, it means I get a $2/hr raise simply for not quitting in frustration before the six-month mark. The manager has told all of us new grads that we are fast approaching no-longer-new-grad status, and we need to shape the fuck up before long or else she won't be able to make excuses to the doctors why things get messed up.

I've been trying to think of ways in which I've improved over the last 6 months. Some days I still feel so green, and others I wish people would take me a little more seriously, since I know what I'm doing.

I've learned how to answer the phone without panicking.

I've been working on time management. On that same note, I've learned to just deal with it when time defies managing.

I've learned to take a breathing break every now and then when I am supposed to do so many things that I forget half of them.

I'm learning that nursing is a 24 hour profession, and sometimes you just have to pass things onto the next shift. But it's better for nurse-nurse relationships if you do as much as humanly possible and apologize profusely when things are left undone.

I'm still trying to learn that it's okay to ask for help. Even if you sometimes feel useless for having to do so.

I've learned that listening to music on at work is allowed, and makes me saner while charting.

I've learned that you can't assume that things have been done just because they've been charted as done. People lie on charting.

I know there are a million more things. I'm sure I'll update the list as they come to me.

What about you guys? Any words of wisdom? I'm always looking to learn more....

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