Friday, March 13, 2009

From March 2, 2009: I complain about work a lot, but I had a Fairy Godnurse last night...

Her name was E, and she was the Resource that afternoon. I had a patient who needed a blood transfusion.

The way it works is this: The doctor writes the order for the transfusion. The Unit Assistant (or Nurse, if the UA is unavailable) faxes the order to the blood bank. The blood bank does its thing and calls the unit to let the nurse know the blood is ready. The nurse then fills out a blood retrieval slip and places it in a binder for a runner to pick up and bring to the blood bank. The runner then returns with the blood, the nurse hangs it, and the patient is happy. Yay.

So I fax the order, the bank calls to say the blood is ready, and I say ok. The Resource starts filling out the blood slip and says she'll bring it to the front for me. Very nice of her. I go into another patient's room to do a blood draw. Then I attend to my other patients, waiting for word that my blood has arrived. So I ask the Resource if she has heard anything about my blood. She smiles and says "It's already hanging" and I say "Huh?". "Your blood. I hung it for you" "Did you give the tylenol and benadryl (to reduce reactions in sensitive patients)?" "Of course"

"Oh my god I love you. Thank you *so* much" "No problem. You just have to do the 30-min Vitals (we take vitals before the transfusion, then 15 and 30 minutes after the start) and the ones after it's done."

SO much better than the other Resource, R, who says things like "Why don't you just give your meds after you eat?" rather than offering to give them so I can go on an actual break. And then saying "You want me to give *all* these meds?" That's what a Resource is for, bitch. But I won't dwell on her.

E = Resource FTW

(ETA: R is no longer as bitchy as she was when I originally wrote this. Not sure why, but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth)

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