Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I was a little miffed to start my day. I heard one of my colleagues had gotten called off work today and I hoped I would be too. Whaddaya know, I get the call when I walk away from my phone for 6 minutes, and I can't get ahold of staffing to request the day off if they're still overstaffed.

So I keep my fingers crossed that I'll get a call back, while I'm driving to work. I get to work in record time, and manage to find a parking space on the 2nd floor roof, rather than the 4th floor roof where I usually park. Right next to the stairs, too.

Walk onto the unit and look at the census board. Lotta blank spots. And a lot of nurses looking confused. They're still overstaffed, and I get word that I will be floating to unit 135. I did a good chunk of my new grad orientation on 135. I miss 135. I am happy to hear this news.

Then I hear that I'll likely go home when the 7p-7a's show up for their shift. Even better.

I get my patient load. Two MRSA in the nares, and one pt ready to GTFO. And a note that I'll be getting a transfer patient. I hate MRSA. Masks and gloves and sometimes gowns lol.

My discharge patient leaves without a hitch. Although she decided not to wait for the transporter, and was walking down the hall pushing her own wheelchair lol. I hate that they make perfectly healthy ambulatory people leave by w/c.

Then my transfer comes in. Young, only 59. And it's a transfer, not an admission so I don't have to do any long drawn out assessment thingy. Huzzah!

Then I get word that there's a shit-ton of food in the break room for various people's birthdays. And everyone is coming up to me saying "PurpleRN! How are you? What's it like on your unit? Are you doing okay up there? Getting used to being a nurse?" I can tell they're disappointed for me when I tell them how miserable things are, and how 2 of the new grads are ready to quit. One even says I should talk to their manager to see if I can transfer back in. And everyone who sees me finishing up my meds says "PurpleRN! Have you gone to the break room for food yet? Go go go! So I finish up all my stuff in record time - done by 1845. So I take my 15 break till the 7pm shift shows up.

Head back upstairs to my unit, J says I can go home! Wheeee!

It was like a vacation. A little slice of heaven to make the stress go away for just a little bit. Definitely feels like floating

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  1. sounds like floating is better than staying on our unit!!